Open a Kenzan Arena in Your City

Make money by delivering ground-breaking VR experiences to mass market

Superior Technology

When we decided to work on a VR gaming platform, we considered every aspect of current VR platforms. It was obvious that only a free-roaming platform could provide a truly immersive VR experience. We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way to create the perfect illusion for casual players. The result was something that provides an extremely powerful argument against the status quo.

First, our hybrid tracking system, which has been developed in collaboration with our Bejing-based partner Noitom, features both optical and electromagnetic sensors and thus enables relative motion tracking and fixed position measurements of both bodies and objects. As a result, improved accuracy and latency contribute to creating the ultimate illusion for players.

Second, Kenzan Arena uses lightweight backpack computers which enables players to move freely. No need for cables wired to stationary hardware!

Optimal Flexibility

Alongside Kenzan Arena, several games will be launched: a first-person shooter, The Lost Pit VR, a family game, EnigmAttic VR, and two children games, Holiday Break VR and Starpirates VR. This selection of very different games has one thing in common: they have all been designed in Switzerland by the award-winning company Kenzan Studios, which is always aiming for the best possible quality.

Exclusive & Additional Content

Kenzan Studios releases updates for all its games at least twice a year. New games will follow every 12 months. Furthermore, new cutting edge hardware will frequently be provided to the operators as part of their franchise agreement.

As a highlight, Kenzan Arena will offer multiplayer competitions between multiple Kenzan Arena to bring e-Sports to a new level.

"Kenzan Arena is a place where technology allows everyone to discover extraordinary worlds, in the best possible way. Comfort and safety are of utmost importance. But for me emotions, beauty and artistry remain non-negotiable values."
- Pascal Montjovent, Director of Creative Research & Development

Return on Investment
  • High revenue per square unit: Kenzan Arena and its games have been designed to include as many players as possible into the game area
  • VR industry is growing exponentially worldwide, especially in the consumer market
  • Take advantage of footfall in shopping mall or city centers
  • Monetize your growing customer base as consumers are always looking for the next immersive and engaging VR experience

 Peace of Mind

  • Once all sensors are set up and the batteries fully charged, Kenzan Arena is a plug & play solution, which does not require special training
  • All maintenance is performed either on site or remotely by Kenzan Studios professionals
  • Software updates will be delivered over the air
The Highest Level of Customer Service
  • Based in Switzerland, we are dedicated to offering unrivalled reliability and professionalism
  • One Customer Happiness Manager of Kenzan Studios is responsible to resolve any inconvenience, not a number of local subcontractors

"Profitability of a Virtual Reality arcade starts with game design. We have optimized our games specifically to have a high revenue per square meter per player."
- Ronny Tobler, CEO of Kenzan Studios

"I created Kenzan Arena to make people dream, to live through adventures in other dimensions, and wanting to come back to share these extraordinary experiences with friends and family."
- Pascal Conicella, Founder of Kenzan Studios


Kenzan Arena is standardized to a 200 sqm / 2150 sqft space where up to 12 players can play simultaneously together. All games will be optimized for these specific dimensions. A potential Kenzan Arena location needs to fulfill certain requirements. Please see below for a sample constrution plan of Kenzan Arena and the required specifications.


Press Release

On the 29th of March at the SVVR in San Jose the CEO of Kenzan Studios, Ronny Tobler, is going to unveil Kenzan Arena to the press. Demos of our upcoming games will be given to potential investors during the fair. The first Kenzan Arena will open in late summer in Zurich, Switzerland's most-populated city. If you are interested in running a Kenzan Arena facility and want to learn more about our technology and its content, please subscribe to our newsletter.